June 15, 2021

Tips For Styling Small Spaces

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Photo credit @laalegriademicasa

Decorating small spaces can feel like an impossible puzzle. Trying to fit everything and making it look cute is an even bigger challenge, but that's what makes small space design so fun. It's possible to have a small space that's as stylish (or perhaps even more so) as their sprawling counterparts. 

Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out from a tiny room in a small house, these small space design ideas will help you design your own dream house, even if it's smaller than what you dream about.

Focus on lightning.

Small spaces can often end up feeling dark due to small or nonexistent windows. Make up for the lack of natural light by adding plenty of light sources in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. 

Choose the right colors.

We all have our color preference, whether we love the warm sunny colors are more drawn to the cool and calm tones. When it comes to decorating your small space it's really important to use natural & soft colors that will lift your spirits up.

Express yourself everywhere.

Since there's limited space for extras and less room to pile in all your favorite items, you'll need to beautify everything by spreading your most favorited items in the room so it won’t feel crowded and make each piece count.

Keep it natural.

Make sure to add a variety of textures to keep the space from falling flat but still, make it look calm and comfortable.

Mirrors are your friend

If you’re not blessed with an abundance of natural light, mirrors can help you make the most of what you do have by reflecting it around the room. Mirrors can also help make the space feel bigger, giving the illusion of a few more square feet.