August 17, 2021

5 Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

Wall Plant Hanger Bringing Nature Inside With Natural Materials

There’s a lot of strategies to bring nature inside especially when we don't have enough time to spend outside our home.

We enjoy being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence around us so, if we can’t live in the middle of nature we find ways to bring it inside our houses. 

1. Plants

The most common way of including nature in our home’s decor is with plants and fresh flowers. Make sure to fill your house with lots of plants, put these fresh accents everywhere you can and make your space look like a jungle. Certain types of plants thrive in humid environments and are perfect for this purpose.

Our Wall Plant Hangers can do the job.

2. Natural materials

When it comes to interior design it doesn’t get much more classic and elegant than wood. There are so many different types of wood to consider, each of which will give your interior design a different feel or a different flavour but all, for sure will give your house a nature touch.

3. Textures & Colors

What could more soothing than the colors found in the natural world? Channel the ultimate palette of nature in your home interior. Like color choice, deliberate choice in texture is another important issue. Think about shapes derived from nature. Opt for linen, organic cotton and wool in your soft furnishings and accessories

4. Light

Just like plants, humans need lots of natural light to survive and feel good. We are healthier when our circadian rhythms are balanced so keep in mind that having access to good daylight helps with that. Arrange your home accessories so they are next to a window as the natural light will help them stay alert and focused.

5. Bring in the elements

Fire. Water. Earth.  Adding the basic elements into your everyday living space can absolutely help to connect us to the natural places. Adding these elements from nature into your space should help it go from sterile to natural, boosting your mood and you connect to the natural place that we live within.